School of Information Technology Student Council


To establish a School Student Council to have an opportunity to be heard on matters of student concern and welfare, to protect and promote student's rights, and to develop a sense of camaraderie, oneness, and solidarity.


The School of Information Technology Student Council (SoIT SC) is defined as one of the branches of the student body of the University that is composed of president, vice president, cabinet members and batch representatives.

List of Officers and Advisers

CSC Representative: Xandria A. Juanitas
President: Seeta A. Jain
Internal Vice President: Gabrielle Angeline G. Uy
External Vice President: Vanessa Ley C. Huerto

Cabinet Members:
Treasurer: Neil Anne Mae S. Balderama
Auditor: Jelena Maeve J. Baybay
Head of Logistics: Ralph Christian L. Balagtas
Business Manager: Ethan Jeriko P. Guillem
Public Relations Officer: Benedick Jhon B. Bendanillo
Head of Communication: Ethyl Camille M. Menes
Head of Welfare and Development: Vincent Julius P. Orteza
Head of Amusement and Recreation: Bleyn Christian O. Servaz

3rd Year Representative: Pauline Andrea A. Vivero
2nd Year Representative: Arney Azzih C. Salayon
General Engineering Representative: Jaryl V. Sandoval

Lew Nathaniel D.G. Carmelino
Daniele S. De Guzman
Jhustine C. Landingin
Antonio Miguel M. Loneza
Jerome Patrick S. Ramos
Francesca Angela M. Reyes
Julianne Isabel E. Sitoy
Chloe Ysabel P. Zerrudo

Prof. Julio Jerison E. Macrohon
Engr. Joel C. De Goma

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Number: 09567551651