School of Information Technology Student Council

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To establish a School Student Council to have an opportunity to be heard on matters of student concern and welfare, to protect and promote student's rights, and to develop a sense of camaraderie, oneness, and solidarity.


The School of Information Technology Student Council (SoIT SC) is defined as one of the branches of the student body of the University that is composed of president, vice president, cabinet members and batch representatives.

List of Officers and Advisers

CSC Representative: Ralph Christian Balagtas
President: Ethyl Camille Menes
Internal Vice President: Pauline Andrea Vivero
External Vice President: Jerome Patrick Ramos

Cabinet Members:
Executive Secretary: Nicole Andrea Javier
Secretary of Finance: Gabriel Bryan Viña
Secretary of Audit: John Louis Ordoñez
Secretary of Academic Affairs: John Segio
Secretary of Non-Academic Affairs: Miguel Rodrigo Abundo
Secretary of Public Relations: Khayle Cedric Flores
Secretary of Business and Management: Maria Alexandra Erika Santiago

Batch Representatives:
3rd Year Representative: Bleyn Servaz
2nd Year Representative: Luis Rafael Laurena
1st Year Representative: Julia Anna Denise Torres

Amusement and Recreation Committee Members:
Gino Araullo
Andres Gonzales
Raya Rabanal
Jeziel Ramos
Gian Leria

Welfare and Development Committee Members:
Enrico Ingalla
Kevin Gupelle
Shreyansh Jain
Joshua Pascual
Bachie Camaclang
Reiniel Potestades
Zachary Raymundo

Prof. Julio Jerison E. Macrohon
Engr. Joel C. De Goma

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Number: 09567551651