School of Information Technology Student Council

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To establish a School Student Council to have an opportunity to be heard on matters of student concern and welfare, to protect and promote student's rights, and to develop a sense of camaraderie, oneness, and solidarity.


The School of Information Technology Student Council (SoIT SC) is defined as one of the branches of the student body of the University that is composed of president, vice president, cabinet members and batch representatives.

List of Officers and Advisers

CSC Representative: Jhanna May A. Chupungco
President: Julia Anna Denise F. Torres
Internal Vice President: Aldrin Patrick L. Ong
External Vice President: Kirsten Joyce P. Vasquez

Cabinet Members:
Executive Secretary: Faeka D. Ahmed
Secretary of Finance: Ken Francisco M. Sudo
Secretary of Audit: Vincent Ian Paul M. Casa
Secretary of Academic Affairs: Ambraie Joseph M. Requino
Secretary of Non-Academic Affairs: Janelle Anne I. Santiago
Secretary of Public Relations: Arianna Coleen T. Ochua
Secretary of Business and Management: Bryan Juville C. Ecarma

Batch Representatives:
3rd Year Representative: Marck Daniel G. Sungahid
2nd Year Representative: Din Marvin V. Anave


Engr. Joel C. De Goma

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Number: 09567551651