Network Society


Network Society’s aim is to become one of the top organizations not only within the university, but among the nation. The goal is to become an organization that produces students who are competitive and are knowledgeable in their respective fields, specifically in the field of computer networking, to be able to comply with the tasks handed to its members.


To be one of the top recognized organizations in the world. Network Society aims to be known globally, respected by foreign schools and other international organizations. Network Society’s organization members are to be globally competitive and would never fail to deliver positive results.

Aims & Objectives

A. The organization is intended and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:
  1. An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design, management and application of Networking in the IT industry.
  2. A means of communication between enthusiasts having an interest in Networking.
  3. A facility for students in need of further development and mastery of networking skills by providing effective and relevant materials and activities that will help them in their future careers. 
  4. A venue for networking enthusiast to express and share their talents and skills.
  5. A training ground of well qualified and top-notch students for various Networking Competitions.
B. The organization will serve students at Mapúa University’s School of Information Technology and other interested persons in the Metro Manila community.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Jeremy Ephraim N. Villa
Vice President: Emmanuel Arian Judiel P. Santos
Secretary: Kyle Steven Austria
Tresasurer: John Raneil M. Umengan
Auditor:  Marion Rylan Q. De Guzman
Public Relations Officer: Dionne Lorenzo Gabriel M. Pascua
COO Representative: Joemer T. Timbol
Membership Committee:
Nathaneal Marco A. Gacutan
Mike Gerald D. Martinez
Jean Paula P. Pamor
Rhenzo L. Tiangco

Adviser: Prof. William P. Rey

Contact Information

Email Address: