Cisco NetRiders


We envision Cisco NetRiders to be a networking organization that would bring together Mapùans who have passion for the field of networking. The organization aims to make Mapùans be aware of all the things Cisco related and be inspired for the future things to come.


The Mapúa Makati Cisco NetRiders aims to make a better learning environment for students interested in the field of ICT. We teach students to use the latest technologies in the most effective way in the field of networking. We make the most out of the time students entrusted us by teaching them the concepts and methods that makes up present technology in the most practical way possible. Centered on Cisco technology, we give examples of practical applications that will precisely be used in the ICT industry. We encourage our members to communicate with other members to practice their skills in communication. Communication is the key for a better team cooperation.


Cisco NetRiders – Mapua is an organization that consists of students from a variety of backgrounds who share a common interest in networking. It is an organization exclusively open for students under the School of Information Technology, from all year levels, with the appropriate background and learning in the field of networking.

List of Officers and Advisers