Mapúa Tabletop Gamers


To realize this vision, Mapúa Tabletop Gamers aims to be an open community for people who have interests in games, and to increase awareness by sharing knowledge of board games and video games, all while carrying the name of Mapúa Tabletop Gamers in-order to reach fellow enthusiasts, and aspiring gamers alike.


Mapúa Tabletop Gamers shall become an expansive community of gamers and game enthusiasts joined by their common love for games and recreation.


Mapúa Tabletop Gamers is an open organization whose goal is to become an expansive community of gamers and game enthusiasts joined by a common love for games and recreation. Since its founding in the year 2017 by a circle of friends that share an interest in board games and card games, it has already gone through generations of officers dedicated to upholding the laws set by the founding members. Now, it is a community that welcomes anyone with open arms as they spread the love for gaming.


  1. To develop an open communication and friendship between members of the organization.
  2. To encourage members to bond and induce increased productivity and reduction of stress.
  3. To spread the concept of gaming to members and non-members alike.
  4. To uphold a sense of community and camaraderie among members of the organization.
  5. To develop a heightened sense of judgement and honor.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Josesph Diego O. Dillague
Internal Vice President: Joseph Angelo A. Corcuerra
External Vice President: Tristan Isaiah S. Gallardo
Executive Secretary: Ruth Catherine R. Oquialda
Finance Officer: Jhustine C. Landingin
Creatives Officer: Albert Zedrick D. Dela Cruz
Promotions Officer: Aaron John S. Marquez
Events Officer: Justin Miguel N. Manguiat
COO Representative: Joseph Harvey A. Juico

Adviser: Dean Ariel Kelly D. Balan

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Persons:

  • Joseph Dillague – (0998) 861 0681
  • Herbert Galzote – (0998) 469 6292