Mapúa Tabletop Gamers


To pursue the vision of the organization, Mapúa Tabletop Gamer shall continue to cater all sorts of entertainment activities that will promote sportsmanship and comradery among students while promoting a stress-free environment away from academic stress. 


An organization that promotes a stress-free environment to all students.


Mapúa Tabletop Gamers is a newly established organization that aims to promote a balanced lifestyle within the academic walls by means of introducing members to various activities such as board games and recreational activities to lessen the stress they feel while studying. 

Mapúa Tabletop Gamers continue to strive to cater all sorts of interest its members has in order to fulfill it's Vision and Mission. 


  1. To promote sportsmanship and comradery among student members whenever they play.
  2. To introduce members to other variants of Tabletop Games.
  3. To encourage individuals to learn life balancing.
  4. To be able to offer a relaxing environment from the stressful day to day life of being a student.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Oscar Jensen D. Binsol
Vice President: Joseph Harvey A. Juico
Secretary: Herbert Q. Galzote
Treasurer: Kathleen Alexis B. Dela Flor
Auditor: Tristan Isaiah S. Gallardo
P.R.O.: Nicholas Spencer L. Yu
Chief Information Officer: Kurt Aldrin M. Cordobin
Chief Events Officer: Joseph Diego O. Dillague

Adviser: Dean Ariel Kelly D. Balan

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Persons:

  • Jensen Binsol – (0977) 119 7623
  • Harvey Juico – (0933) 812 7110