Mapúa Game Consensus


It is the duty of Mapua Game Consensus to inspire students to let loose their creative minds without any limitations through discipline, patience, and perseverance. It also includes a tutorial support to any fields of game development in order to ease the difficulty of the problems any member would face. Another goal is to share the knowledge of subjects in correlation to game development and the use of applications that would show the variety of games showcased such as Unity, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and C++. Besides a tutorial session and encouraging students to be creative without restrictions, the Mapua Game Consensus would focus on the development of the mastery of members that may/may not specialize in specific areas be it the creative side, programming side, or both. This would help them excel and provide outputs professionally and efficiently.


To bring forth the envisioned future with students from all years can design with their own free will and imagination. The organization shall guide students to the creative path through fun activities that would stimulate the students to laying out the type of games they want to create. It also promotes the freedom of the students and create artworks in the form of video games. 


The Mapua Game Consensus is an organization filled talented and innovative individuals who sought to provide entertaining video games in many genres and types in which members would make original content by the ideas of members and applying the lessons related to game development. The organization encourages students to find their own style of art and practice learning different computer languages to further develop their skills and master the area in which they specialize.

List of Officers and Advisers

PresidentKeith Daniell G. Labao
Vice President: Neiconel G. Bandala
Secretary: Teddy O. Belnas II
Asst. SecretaryJulia Russelle D. Lumabi
Chief of FinanceJude Uriel R. Lenon
Auditor:  Shanen Cole M. Furio
Chief of OperationsEarth Luis Diño
Asst. Chief of OperationsJames Matthew P. Pangilinan
Chief of Social Relations: Angelo Kris M. Pongco


Adviser: Prof. Cristina A. Pascua

Contact Information

Contact Person: Kurt Varela: +63 917  585 1299