Illuminata Mapúa


To pursue the main objective of the organization, Illuminata Mapúa will cultivate the passion in arts, photography by means of combining art and technology with creativity through resourcefulness.


The main objective of Illuminata Mapúa is to promote the freedom of Mapúan young artists who strives for excellence in artistry and photography.

Aims and Objectives

  • To expand the creativity and ideas of the organization by means of multimedia arts in focus with photography and videography that would help students learn by experience and hands-on.
  • Promote leadership in each individual by means of teamwork exerting full effort in capturing photos of memories by which will be compiled in a gallery to be presented in photo exhibitions.

List of Officers and Adviser

Chief Administrative Officer: Jameela Nadine Jamena
Chief Executive Officer: Raya Shane Rabanal
Creative Director: Albert Zedrick Dela Cruz
Public Relations Officer: Luis Angelo Pono
Business Manager: Gerald Ryan Marquez
Photographer’s Chief: Jose Marc Philip Punzal
Videographer’s Chief: Lorenzo Troy Pastoral
Executive Committee
Nicole Javier 
Jerome Patrick Ramos
Bryelle Nisperos
Andres Luis R. Gonzales
Senior Officer: John Derrick Soriano

Adviser: Prof. Arvin P. Patani

Contact Information

Twitter: @IlluminataMapua