Mapúa Makati DanceCom


  • To foster a creative atmosphere that will allow dancers to showcase their talents on stage.
  • To develop teamwork amongst members.
  • To develop passionate dancers.
  • To establish a good and balance academic and non-academic standing.
  • To help build each other’s lives towards the glorification of God.
  • To prepare members in the areas of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence.
  • To empower members to become leaders in and after DanceCom - in developing their identity, moral and character.
  • To develop members as a generation of youth who are nation builders and world changers.


Mapúa DanceCom is a group of young and talented individuals who have the passion and heart for dance. Founded on January 31, 2003, the group started performing in various school events and soon afterward participated in several major dance competitions across the metro. Overtime, they have been blessed with a good number of achievements and thus being one of those well recognized college dance groups in Metro Manila.

Though they may come from different walks of life.
Have different personalities and individual skills.
Even if they seem to be of extremes.
They all stand together as ONE TEAM.

All gifted with the talent to move as one with the music.
They strive for excellence and go beyond their limit.
Every movement, every step, they perform to perfection.
And they all are driven by ONE PASSION.

Acknowledging Him who is the source of their precious gift.
They offer to Him all the best they can give.
No matter the occasion, they give a hundred percent, nothing less.
Because in their hearts, they do it all for ONE GOD.

We are the Mapua DanceCom!

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Kate Fugaban
Vice President: Michael Regala
COO Representative: Sofia Enorasa
Head of Finance: Madeleine Lim
Head of Logistics: Roey Bula

Head of Creatives: Nicole Magadan

Adviser: Engr. Gloren Sison-Fuentes

Contact Information

Email Address:
Contact Numbers:

  • Ralph Balagtas – (0956) 128 5754
  • Nichole Daren Valerio – (0906) 327 7848