Cardinal Game Initiative


The Cardinal Game Initiative shall provide the opportunity for aspiring Mapua University students to utilize their skill and/or to learn new skills in game development, by providing multiple seminars regarding digital arts and game programming.


The vision of the Cardinal Game Initiative is to create a community in which artists and programmers alike can work with one another as a group, as they learn how to develop Video Games


The Cardinal Game Initiative (CGI) intends to bridge the gap between technological computing, artistic compositions, and economical management through the development of digital entertainment while continuing to share knowledge of each member for the continuous growth of the organization as a whole and of each individual member.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Gavino, Ivan P.
Vice President: Palacio, Elwin Peter
Secretary: Blas, Rafael Ronald
Treasurer: Rodriguez, Aaron Rhyss

Advier: Prof. Aresh T. Saharkhiz

Contact Information

Email Address: