Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization


To dedicate ourselves in developing its members in becoming driven game changers and establish a community that aims to create and innovate to solve problems.


The Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization shall be perceived as an organization in the Philippines that will create highly competitive and resilient innovators who will become significant players in the startup ecosystem, creating projects that will change the world.


General Objectives:

  • To guide the members of the organization through non-formal and experience-driven education.
  • To guide them in becoming fully-fledged innovators in the fields of information technology, business, and entrepreneurship through skill and intelligence-building programs that offer challenges, as well as opportunities for growth.

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for growth amongst the members of the organization through startup-related events.
  • To give students hands-on experience with regards to the world of entrepreneurship, information technology and business; analysis, decision-making, machine learning, design, and strategic thinking.
  • To further develop the learning of the members of the organization through connecting them to fellow entrepreneur students, startup founders and startup incubators of the country
  • To expand the network of all students through social gatherings of different colleges and universities
  • To provide a forum for students to express their thoughts regarding the organization in terms of performance.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Tricia Gallardo
Vice President for External Affairs: A.J. ABCDE Bancolita
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Jomari Rivera
Secretary: Christzle Mhel Larion
Finance Director: Juliene Marie Gacoba
Marketing & Promotions Director: Jeeian Alen Garlitos
Marketing & Promotions Coordinator: Joan Miguel
Creative Director: Joshua Raphael Aquino
Creative Coordinators:
Kenneth James Digan
Toni Fontanilla
Logistics Director: Andrea Paulina Salas
Community Director: Sophia Pelones
Committee Members:
Mary Christ Pascua
Emilio Alviar

Mr. Mac Franceau Panuncialman
Mr. Marthinson Villanueva

Contact Information

Email Address:
Facebook: Chief Entrepreneur’s Organization
Contact Persons:

  • Jomari Rivera - (0906) 554 2028
  • A.J. ABCDE Bancolita - (0920) 819 1689
  • Christzle Larion (0929) 705 5057