SoIT celebrates FroSHS Week 2020

The School of Information Technology (SoIT) through the SoIT Student Council welcomes incoming First Year and Grade 11 students in a week-long celebration entitled "FroSHS Week 2020" to help our frosh and senior high school students get acquainted with the Mapúan Life. This year's theme is "Mapúa InteGREAT: Leading the Future of Education"

Visit the following links for the schedule of activities:
Schedule of activities -
Schedule of organization seminars -

View the School of IT Orientation for Frosh at 

After which, you may view the individual program orientation:

Upperclassmen Orientation:
BS CS 2018:
BS CS 2019:
BS IS 2018 & 2019:
BS EMC 2018 & 2019:
BS IT 2018:
BS IT 2019:

Graduate Students:

All SoIT Orientations require your Cardinal Mail ( for access.