Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Program Description

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD CS) emphasizes/focuses on the study and depth of specific areas in Computer Science.  The program is completed primarily through a supervised research that contributes to new knowledge, theory or technology. The program aims to develop among its students the skills to perform research on original work, to initiate ideas, designs and concepts, or to develop advanced implementations on matters relating to the field of Computer Science.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Find new combinations or innovative existing knowledge to provide solutions to the needs of society in the form of new materials, devices or processes.
  2. Pitch or write proposals to obtain support for the establishment of an enterprise based on an innovations, invention or creative work.
  3. Conduct independent research and investigations to generate new knowledge or knowhow or innovate existing knowledge.
  4. Work as professionals that deal with the collection and processing of data and knowhow.