Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis Laboratory (PRImAL)



The Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis Laboratory (PRImAL) investigates the use of machines to recognize a variety of patterns or objects. For example, research focused on machine vision systems for process industry, and medical image analysis for the detection of diseases.


PRImAL aims to perform high quality research in pattern recognition, image processing, machine vision, and vision-guided robotics. The group investigates the use of computers in order to recognize a wide range of objects, to identify high discriminatory features and to design supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms.

Research Areas

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Computational Vision
  3. Medical Imaging and Processing, focusing on object detection and recognition
  4. Industrial Machine Vision
  5. Retinal Image Processing and Analysis
  6. Spectral Imaging and Analysis

Current Projects

  1. Image Processing using Subsequent Analysis
  2. Face Detection and Tracking System using Facial Geometry and Secondary Region Points
  3. Image Tampering Detection through Mash-up Algorithm
  4. Image Stitching
  5. Optimizing Low Resolution Image Through Multi-Scale Retinex Algorithm, Gaussian Filtering With Edge Preservation, And Face Hallucination Super Resolution Algorithm

Future Projects

  1. Augmented Virtuality: Reconstructing natural and realistic scenes in a virtual world via real images
  2. 3D reconstruction from Video Sequences
  3. Imaging-based Computational Biomedicine
  4. Wearable Computer
  5. E-Museum
  6. Visualization
  7. Machine vision systems for process industry