Master in Information Technology

Course Description

IT211-1 Advance Database Systems
Course Description Active collection, analysis, and maintenance of data is key to achieve rapid progress in almost all disciplines of science and engineering. This course will cover the core and advanced principles and techniques of data and information management. The potential topics covered in class include processing and optimization of declarative queries, transactions, crash recovery, data stream systems, Web data management (e.g. Internet and Intranet search engines), information integration (e.g., semi structured data and XML), and introduction to data mining.
Credit 3 units
IT214-1 Advance Operating Systems and Networking
Course Description This course will discuss advanced topics and research issues in computer and operating systems. Topics will be drawn from a variety of operating systems-related areas such as distributed systems and languages, networking, security, and protection, real-time and embedded systems, modeling and analysis, principles and implementations of operating systems and networking.
Credit 3 units
IT212-1 Advance Systems Integration and Administration
Course Description This is an advanced course in systems analysis and design that presents conceptual material about both traditional approaches to systems development such as process oriented and data-oriented methodologies and evolving approaches such as object-oriented development methods. Key stages of the systems development life cycle including planning, analysis, and design are the focus of this course. Models and procedures for understanding and modeling an organization's existing and planned information systems are presented.
Credit 3 units
IT215-1 Advance Web Systems and Technologies
Course Description This course will introduce concepts in programming web application servers. At the conclusion of this course students will understand the fundamental concepts of software engineering and how they apply to web application design and programming, will know the modern tools used to program web application servers, and will be able to produce substantial web applications. This course will introduce web application concepts using the latest or current technology used in the market, and students will be able to generalize these concepts to other web application technologies and tools.
Credit 3 units
IT213-1 Technology and Project Management
Course Description This course is an introduction to the basic processes of project management for instructional design projects. Students will be introduced to organizational issues, methods of planning, and techniques for managing the business and creative processes that determine the success of a project. Students will learn to use project management software for organizing, scheduling and monitoring project progress.
Credit 3 units
IT291 Methods of Research
Course Description This course introduces students to several research methods useful for academic and professional investigations of information practices, texts and technologies. By examining the applications, strengths and major criticisms of methodologies drawn from both the qualitative and quantitative traditions, this course permits an understanding of the various decisions and steps involved in crafting and executing a research methodology, as well as a critically informed assessment of published research.
Credit 3 units
IT300-1 Master's Capstone Project 1
Course Description This course will require student to propose a capstone project that will introduce either a new application, technology, or process that can be used as a tool to solve an organizational or societal problem.
Credit 3 units
IT300-2 Master's Capstone Project 2
Course Description In this course the student will present the final output (system and documentation) of his/her capstone project to the School of IT.
Credit 3 units
IT298 Graduate Research and Seminar
Course Description A course required of all graduate students who are prospective candidates for the Master's Degree. Student shall be required to attend local, national or international conference related to information technology, and/or present paper relating to the capstone project.
Credit 1 unit