Master in Business Analytics

Program Description

The Master in Business Analytics (MAN) program is a professional master’s degree that focuses on the tools, methods and applications of advanced analytics.

MAN aims to enable graduates to understand and solve complex business analytics problems using appropriate analytics techniques and tools. Graduates will be able to devise, refine and apply business analytics techniques and tools competently in solving analytical problems in different industries and sectors. Ultimately, this will lead to an appreciation of the current Business Analytics problems in the industry worldwide and foster confidence in contributing to problem resolutions.

Program Educational Objectives

Within five years of graduation, graduates of Master in Business Analytics program shall be able to:

  1. Engaged in professional development or post-graduate education to pursue flexible career paths adapting to future technological changes in information technology and related fields; 
  2. Demonstrated professionalism and a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in information technology practice, development and in all their endeavors; and
  3. Articulated their expertise in making technical contributions to design, develop, and solve problems in their practice of information technology which meet the desired needs of the society.

Program Outcomes

The graduates of Master in Business Analytics program will have:

    1. The ability to build analytical models and understand their power and limitations.
    2. The ability to design an experiment and process in solving business problem.
    3. The ability to use machine learning and optimization to make business decisions.
    4. The ability to acquire, clean, and manage data needed for analytical process.
    5. The ability to visualize data for exploration, analysis, and communication.
    6. The ability to collaborate within teams and various levels of the organization. 
    7. The ability to deliver reproducible data analysis.
    8. The ability to conduct data science activities aware of and according to policy, privacy, security and ethical considerations.
    9. The ability to apply problem-solving strategies to open-ended business questions.