Illuminata Mapúa


The main objective of Illuminata Mapúa is to promote the freedom of Mapúan young artist who strive for excellence in artistry and photography.


To pursue the main objective of the organization, Illuminata Mapua will cultivate the passion in arts and photography by means of combining art and technology with creativity through resourcefulness.


Illuminata Mapua aims to develop an environment where Mapuan young artists could further cultivate their passion in art and photography by means of combining art and technology, to pursue their creativity, artistry and resourcefulness.

Illuminata Mapua aims to build a venue where underprivileged young artists could showcase their talents by means of technology and artistic ideas through digital arts and photography, to pursue creative, practical and artistic interests of its members in all facets of photography. Through this union, we seek betterment for the society and the environment by means of our resourcefulness and creativity. Through our venture for betterment, we do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution.

List of Officers and Advisers

Chief Administrative Officer: Pauline Andrea A. Vivero
Chief Operations Officer: Jhan Analiel T. Torres
Chief Finance Officer: Natalie Brigette D. Santos
Chief Photography Officer: Renzo F. Dumaguit
Executive Officer: Matthew Ericson L. Carreon
Officer-In-Charge: John Derrick S. Soriano
Creative Director: Paul Daniel B. Habil
Social Relations Head Officer: Mikee V. Pascual
Web Relations Head Officer: Jeanne B. Bernaldo
Senior Officer: Jennica Alexes F. Gidoc
Sub Head Photographers: Franco M. Castillo
                                      Monica Lanz S. Peralta
                                      Katrina Alyana B. Dela Flor
                                      Wayne Adrian A. Federigan
                                      Sheena Mae G. Tan

Adviser: Mr. Arvin Patani

Contact Information

Email Address:
Twitter: @illuminatamapua
Mobile No.: Jennica Gidoc - 09174654832