Bachelor of Science-Master of Science (BS-MS) Joint Programs

The BS-MS joint program allows a qualified student (with 2.50 weighted average and above) to earn simultaneously both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. The qualified student will begin his/her master’s degree course work during his/her senior year thus he/she will finish both degrees in a shorter time.

The program aims to provide students with the necessary technical training and theoretical background in tackling current and emerging issues and problems in the fields of computer science and information technology.

Joint Programs include:

  1. BS Computer Science-MS Computer Science (4 years; Blended only)
  2. BS Information Technology-Master in Information Technology (4 years; Blended only)

The Joint Programs have the following advantages:

  1. The double counting of courses will allow the student to complete both degrees in a shorter time.
  2. Upon graduating from the program, students become more competitive in applying for placement in graduate programs in other universities or even in seeking employment in industrial companies.
  3. The program is consistent with the CHED advocacy for vertically articulated programs.


  1. BS-MS Computer Science
  2. BS-M Information Technology

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