Applications and Innovations in Mobile and Cloud Computing (AIMCo)

AIMCO LogoDescription

This research team has seen the need for information technology students to get involve in the design, re-design and development of technologies under mobile computing. Furthermore, Researchers will have the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art research and come up in designing innovative research projects in mobile computing. This initiative will definitely be an avenue for computer science and information technology students to contribute significant works in the field of ever demanding world of mobile computing technology.


The goal of AIMCo is to investigate issues in mobile and cloud computing to devise innovative solutions to the technical challenges in these areas. Both areas face performance limitations and require optimizations for the unique characteristics of these platforms. Furthermore, solutions to problems that arise when these two areas are integrated are being investigated.

Research Areas

Design innovative research projects in mobile and cloud computing, covering such areas as:

  1. New mobile computing applications, including location-aware and context-aware applications
  2. Improved networking communication protocols to support evolving needs of mobile computing applications
  3. Enhanced embedded operating systems for resource-constrained mobile computing devices better Internet backbone services to support next-generation mobile computing