About the School

Founded in 2000, the School of Information Technology continues to grow as one of the premier IT educational institution in the country. Throughout the past decade, Mapúa School of IT has achieved tremendous success as a department.

From a single program of BS Computer Science in the year 2000, the School of IT now caters 4 undergraduate programs: Computer Science (CS), Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (EMC), Information Systems (IS), and Information Technology (IT); and 2 graduate programs in Computer Science and Information Technology.

In 2003, the School of IT benefited from the “Full Autonomy Status” granted by Commission of Higher Education (CHED) to Mapúa and was able to gain momentum in its drive to be known in IT education. By the year 2007, CHED recognized Mapua, through the School of IT, as the “Center of Development in Information Technology Education.” And by the year 2016, recognition was again granted by CHED to Mapua through the School of IT, this time, as the “Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education.”

The School of IT gained its first international recognition in 2011 when two of its programs, BS Computer Science and BS Information Technology, were granted accreditation by United States-based ABET. In 2017, ABET granted accreditation on BS Information Systems together with the re-accreditation of its first two programs.