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  • Determining the Level of Depression using BDI-II through Voice Recognition
    Balano, J.B., Huerto, V.L., Sanchez, S., Saharkhiz, A., De Goma, J.
    (2019) 2019 IEEE 6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications, ICIEA 2019, art. no. 8715187, pp. 387-391. 
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  • Sentiment analysis on tweets with punctuations, emoticons, and negations
    Cureg, M.Q., De La Cruz, J.A.D., Solomon, J.C.A., Saharkhiz, A.T., Balan, A.K.D., Samonte, M.J.C.
    (2019) ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Part F148384, pp. 266-270. 
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  • A language for describing disruptive application event patterns based on combined log sequence and concurrency
    Gabriel, D.D., Matienzo, R.L.M., Saharkhiz, A.T., Sauli, Z.
    (2018) Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering, 10 (1-13), pp. 25-29.
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